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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Direct Shipping Freebies – 2024

By Published On: February 1, 2024

Who does not want free stuff?! Yes, you read it right. Amazon direct shipping is a way you can receive free goodies at your doorstep. Who might probably like to send free stuff? While it is for free, you must understand that this is not something that Amazon does by itself. The stuff that you can get for free is also not the one that Amazon sells. You cannot also get Amazon products such as Amazon firestick, Amazon eco, etc., through Amazon direct shipping. You cannot direct ship products that Amazon manufactures. What this basically means is, individual sellers send their stuff for free from the Amazon warehouse. In other words, the order is between the respective seller and consumer and is not placed on Amazon.

Why would individual sellers send freebies via Amazon direct ship program?

Amazon is an enormous online platform that accommodates sellers and manufacturers from all around the world. However, the target market or the most significant piece of the pie goes to the US and UK markets. However, even though this can be the case, most sellers are overseas, such as China, Indonesia, etc.

These overseas sellers have two options when they want to start selling on Amazon. They can either store the stuff in a local warehouse or ship everything to Amazon warehouse and store them. The downside of storing in a local warehouse is, the seller must pay overseas shipping charges. And this happens every time the seller receives an order. Since there is a higher shipping cost, ultimately, the price of the product goes high. This ends up in low sales because of the high price of produce. Since most orders come from the US and UK, it is not cost-effective for sellers to store their stuff in a local warehouse. It creates two problems for overseas sellers. An increase in business cost and an increase in shipping cost are the main two issues. Therefore, a lot of sellers opt for storing their stuff in Amazon warehouses.

amazon direct ship

Who direct ships freebies?

A point to remember is, Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, is not the one sending you free stuff. Instead, you can get free stuff from individual sellers and manufacturers who sell on Amazon with Amazon direct shipping. They also store their inventory in a warehouse that Amazon owns. Nonetheless, one might wonder why any seller or manufacturer would want to give their stuff for free. Well, it turns out that it is a smart cost-cutting method that these individual sellers practice.

What is Amazon FBA?

This is something a lot of people misread about Amazon direct shipping. Most people think everything on Amazon is an option for direct shipping. But the answer is NO. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows sellers and vendors all over the world to ship quickly. It will enable sellers to use Amazon’s vast platform. This facility allows vendors to decide what to store, list, and sell on Amazon. FBA will provide storage, shipping, and even handle customer queries on behalf of the seller. This is how Amazon Prime can offer easy, fast, free shipping. This allows sellers to store their merchandise in Amazon’s fulfillment centers at a relatively lower cost. However, if the vendors’ products do not sell fast enough, storage costs can add up.

FBA provides many benefits to its sellers. It gives the seller the ability to gain a higher profit margin within their business. If you are selling products listed via FBA, you can use Amazon Prime. But no one can predict how a product sale would last over a year. For instance, if a seller stores the merchandise in Amazon’s warehouse for over a year, Amazon charges 15 cents per product per month. If you have 10,000 pieces, that is about $1,500 a month of storage fees. That is not what any seller would want to pay. However, the usage of Amazon warehouses is relatively high because it is the most feasible way of storing one’s merchandise.

Brace yourself | You can end up receiving anything and everything!

When there are fewer sales, it is cost-effective for the vendor to direct ship freebies to save on storage costs. Therefore, sellers who do not have enough sales to cover storage costs and make a profit will use Amazon direct shipping and letting go of their merch. If they continue to store in Amazon warehouses, they might end up paying higher prices for storage and losing business. That is when vendors use Amazon direct shipping for those who would indulge in freebies. After all, who does not?!

What type of freebies can you receive from Amazon direct shipping?

Always keep in mind that Amazon direct shipping gives you freebies. There is no pick and choose in this case. You can receive anything, at any rate. They can range from medical gear, toys, electric appliances, kitchen items, ornaments, jewelry, baby items, clothes, shoes, stationery, and more! Amazon direct shipping also includes books, video games, and other stuff that children would usually like. But most of the time, the probability is, you might receive items that you do not need. What do we do when this happens? It is time to think of family and friends who might need those freebies!

You might wonder, “how can I get free stuff?” The answer lies right in front of direct shipping via Amazon. However, these sellers and vendors do not ask you to leave reviews of their products on the Amazon site. Instead, they might ask you to share the pictures and videos of the goodies on social media with a nice caption. They might also you to leave a comment on their website. This is marketing at a low cost. It also helps the seller build a bigger audience and attract those who might want to purchase the merchandise. Sharing on social media can help the sellers gain trust from the audiences too.

When and how often will I receive free items through direct shipping?

Direct shipping is a way that individual sellers and vendors use to avoid long-term storage fees. There are many things that contribute to when and how many freebies a person will receive through Amazon direct shipping. After all, no one would want to give away free stuff they were planning to sell initially. Here are some of the main factors that contribute to how many freebies you would get at a time.

Long-term storage charges

Amazon warehouses are an excellent choice for overseas sellers. However, every seller wants to clear their items from the warehouse before the long-term storage charges begin. Most sellers and vendors wait until it is closer to the date when Amazon starts charging long-term fees. This gives them more time to sell the products and earn profit within their business. When they cannot keep the products any longer in the warehouse due to charges, they start direct shipping.

How many products will I receive from direct ship freebies

The number of goods you will receive from these individual sellers depends on many things. First off, the sellers might have 10,000 items remaining or just ten items remaining. Basically, the number of items you will receive depends on how many things the seller wants cleared from the warehouse. If the seller has done well and only a few items remain, those are the only few free items that will go for Amazon direct shipping. You can expect just 1 item or 50+ items of the same product. It all depends on how many the seller wants out of the warehouse.

How many people have signed up to direct ship program.

To be able to receive freebies, you need to sign up for Amazon direct shipping. The number of items you will receive also depends on how many people have signed up. The more sign-ups they have, the less you will receive. This is another main factor that contributes to how many freebies you will receive.

amazon direct ship program

How long will it take for Amazon direct shipping.

The time the sellers take to ship the products also depends on how many products are there. If there are many people who have signed up, it is likely that directs shipping will take time because there are many addresses to deliver to. We must keep in mind that this process requires arranging to ship to each person who has signed up.

The sellers and vendors still must arrange your shipping for your free items. Keeping this in mind, the receiver does not have control over how long it will take for the freebies to arrive. All you have to give is provide your name or, rather, the name you use on your Amazon account and a valid address to your seller. Whenever there is an excess of products, the sellers will clear them off from the warehouse and send you.

How many products can I expect through Amazon direct shipping?

As discussed earlier, the number of free products that you receive depends on the below factors

  • How long is it until Amazon charges the seller for long-term storage
  • Number of items are left over?
  • How many people have signed up?

So, in conclusion, you can receive items anywhere from 1 item to 50+ items. It depends on how many products must leave the FBA center or Amazon warehouse and how many addresses are signed up for direct shipping.

direct ship freebies

What to do when you receive a massive number of goodies?

What do you do if you receive a massive number of products that you do not require? Here are few of the ways you can manage them when you receive free items

  • First off, keep what you want for yourself.
  • Keep some items for upcoming birthdays/ anniversaries/ baby showers/ graduations of your family and friends.
  • You can gift them items from the stuff you received and save money on buying gifts.
  • Donate them to a charitable cause.
  • You can give away items that you think are relevant and necessary to orphanages, families in need, elders’ homes, etc.
  • Sell the freebies at fundraising events to support a good cause.
  • You can raise funds for donations by selling them off.
  • Sell the items to your family and friends.

At the end of the day, what you receive via Amazon direct shipping is entirely yours. You can think what you wish to do with the items. After all, you might just decide to keep everything you receive, and that is up to you.

Is direct ship legit everywhere?

Amazon is a mega-corporation that accommodates thousands of sellers and manufacturers from all around the world. Amazon has given these businesses the platform to earn profits by using Amazon’s already existing arena. If one signs up with a seller’s account on Amazon, they can list and sell products on Amazon. These products may or may not sell as expected due to market demands. Therefore, many sellers end up having stocks of their products lying in Amazon warehouses.

Storage does not come for free. It is an overhead cost to any seller who sells products. When products do not move faster, they end up paying a storage fee without earning profit from them. That is when they start looking for people who might be interested in their products to send them for free. The sellers usually stay until the last day possible before they begin direct shipping because they want to maximize the profits as much as they can.

When it is time to sign up for direct shipping, it is vital to know that you know the sign-up form is legit. If you cannot determine whether the form is genuine or not, it is better to avoid signing up. You can get more information on active direct shipping Facebook groups or Reddit forums.

These platforms will give you a better idea of how to sign up for Amazon direct shipping legitimately. When providing information, always remember that the seller only needs the address and your name. It is crucial that you give minimal personal details and whereabouts in the form. At most, if you are not sure whether or not the form is legitimate, you can provide them with a burner email address and a different address.

amazon direct ship freebies

Drop shipping vs. Direct shipping

Drop shipping, unlike direct shipping is a fired-up talk in the market for hustling on the side. Chances are, you have already heard about drop shipping and how people earn from drop shipping on blog posts and social media. Drop shipping and direct shipping are two completely different things.

From a consumer’s standpoint, drop shipping and direct shipping does not look different from each other. The reason for this is, in both cases, the consumer receives the stuff at the door! The main difference between drop shipping and direct shipping lies on the seller’s side. They are two different ways of getting goods to the consumer.

In simpler terms, direct shipping is where the seller/ owner ships the items directly to the consumer. On the other hand, drop shipping is when a store owner purchases items from the manufacturer/ supplier, and the supplier ships the items to the consumer.

Dropshipping is in full force over many online platforms. A lot of artists and graphic designers make use of dropshipping to earn money from their creations. They would just upload the soft copy of their aesthetic design, and dropshipping companies would print them in different products and ship them to buyers. Custom-made clothes, shoes, and jewelry makers also use drop shipping as a quick way to earn money. In that way, they do not have to keep a vast inventory, and they make money faster.

Direct shipping, in contrarily, is a way to be cost-effective. When a business does not go as well as it should, direct shipping helps get rid of the additional inventory. This is solely beneficial to the receiver. But from a seller’s standpoint, direct shipping allows them to cut down on long-term storage fees.

amazon direct shipping

How can I get the free stuff from Amazon direct shipping?

Direct ship amazon

There are many ways you can get freebies from Amazon direct shipping. However, it is always wise to choose your path right because there can be scammers online. Like with every other deal on the internet, direct shipping also has its ways. If you want to sign-up for direct shipping, you can use one of the few ways mentioned below. In all cases, you need to fill up the sign-up form for sellers to spot you when they direct ship their products.

While you can just search online and sign up for a direct shipping company, you should remember that you might end up signing up for a scam. Therefore, be careful when you are signing up for direct shipping. Below are some of the fastest, easiest, and legitimate ways to sign-up for Amazon direct shipping.

Signing up via Facebook groups.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It connects to people from all over the world with just by one click. Amazon sellers use Facebook as an easy, faster way to connect with people who would be interested in their products. How it works is, sellers and consumers usually create groups on Facebook that enable people to share information on specific topics and items. The best thing about groups is sellers can compare their offers with other products. The members can talk to each other to get assistance in filling up forms. It helps them find offers that might not be posted on the group yet.

If you are not experienced in direct shipping, signing up with one of the active Facebook groups can give you a better idea of how it works. You can get help from other experienced users on how to sign up for reasonable offers. Sellers create Facebook groups to post their offers and sign-up forms online. Consumers create these groups to post on the offers they have found to help more members avail of the offer. Always remember, Facebook groups are also individual sources of information, and hence, one must be careful to see if the offers are legit or not. Always join a group that has a lot of members and is active.

Few Facebook groups you can join

💜 KC’S DIRECT SHIP freebies & MORE💜 16.3k members

🎁🛍Direct Ship, Freebies and Fun🛍🎁 18.9K members

Freebies, Samples, Direct Shipping & more! 32.1k members

Amazon direct ship Reddit

Reddit is also another social website/ platform where users can create individual forums on sub-Reddit. The search bar gives you the ability of searching any topic you can think of. The upside of using Reddit for direct shipping is that you do not necessarily have to sign-up on Reddit. You can browse the offers as a guest and sign-up only for offers if you do not want to sign-up for Reddit. You can search things like ‘freebies direct shipping,’ ‘amazon direct shipping offers,’ etc.

It will generate all the related results, including posts and communities that have posted about direct shipping. You can go through the results you find and sign up for an exciting offer you come across. However, if you want to post or use a sub-Reddit, you need to register as a Reddit user.

Few Sub-reddits you can join
Freebie websites.

If you just type ‘Amazon direct shipping’ on a search engine, it will give you millions of websites that post direct shipping offers. These websites have the form that you need to fill up as well. But the main thing with these websites is, you must be careful when signing up. If there are additional terms and conditions, always remember that Amazon direct shipping does not even require consumers to leave a review on Amazon. So, it is always better to watch out!

What is required on a direct ship form?

Sellers and direct shipping companies use different ways to post the sign-up form online. However, the form is quite a simple form that only requires you to give the name and a valid address as mandatory information. It is not rocket science and does not require you to fill out any additional information.

You can find 100+ forms here.

amazon direct ship freebies

Are Direct Ship Freebies Safe?

Amazon direct shipping is safe if you are sure that the offers are legitimate. Please ensure that the seller or the form is only asking for your name, address, and a contactable phone number at max. It can be a concern when you want to sign-up, and you are not sure of the forum’s legitimacy. In such cases, it is good not to fill the form. At best, you can give a different address and burner phone number or email address.

How to Avoid Direct Shipping Scams

Any form or website that is asking you for your social security number, banking details, credit card number, additional personal information is a big NO. There is no way these ones are legit because direct shipping does not require any other information other than the essential information. If the form you are filling asks for the above details, cancel signing up right away. Even if the offer looks legit, you can always five an alternate address and a different phone number. You can create a burner email address without providing your personal one.

Writing a review on Amazon for direct shipping.

Direct shipping companies do not ask the consumer to post a review on Amazon. After all, they are trying to get rid of the excess stock in the warehouses. At most, the sellers might request you to post it on social media for marketing purposes. However, even if the seller or vendor does not ask you to post a review on Amazon, it is advisable NOT to write a review because it exposes your Amazon username to the public.

Pros and cons of direct shipping


Final thoughts: Amazon direct shipping and how to go about it!

Amazon direct shipping is a way that sellers use to get rid of items that they cannot sell. They do not want to pay additional storage charges; hence, they opt to ship them to customers for free. In doing so, they cut down on storage charges, and consumers, in return, receive goods for free! What’s not to love about free stuff?

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